FAN Class of 2024 ‘Linda Kreiser Female Athlete Scholarship’ nominee: meet Tess Naylor

Name: Tess Naylor


High School: Boiling Springs


College: Central Michigan, Law and Economics and a minor in Sports Management


Position: Midfielder


Extracurricular Activities: Student Body President, National Honors Society, Varsity Field Hockey (Captain 12), Wellness Club, Interact Club, Perfect Peers Club, Model UN, Spanish Club, PA Revs All Starz Buddy, Club Field Hockey for Pa Revs


Why CMU? “I chose CMU because it just felt like the right fit. The minute I stepped on campus I knew that this was the school where I wanted to be. After being able to meet the team and learn more about the school during my unofficial visit, it checked all of the boxes. Learning about Coach Johnstone’s goals for the team and her aspirations about how her program will be run as well as her coaching philosophy really allowed me to buy into what she is creating at CMU. The school itself is was also a big draw, I loved how it has the perks of a big school but feels like it is still a small community of people, as well as it gave me the degrees I want to set me up for a successful future.”


Describe a field hockey memory you won’t forget. And, why? “A time that really sticks out to me is winning the District 3 championship my junior year. This win was really big for us as a team because it was our first really big win in our state championship run that gave us the confidence to say that we wanted a state title. This was also the first in program history for a field hockey team to win a district championship and the first record we broke that year. I think that day really lit the fire within us to be a successful as we were last season and ultimately drove us to the state title.”


Athletes in the running are tasked to gather as many of their supporters as possible to vote for them. The winner we receive a $5,000 scholarship. The first $2,500 payment will be given to the winner before departing for college. The second $2,500 payment, which requires a 3.0 GPA, will be given to the winner at the start of the second semester.


The vote will take place November 20 to 26. Voters receive one vote.


Vote – FAN (


The winner will be announced Monday, November 27.

*Voters must have either a $10 or $100 subscription. To participate, you must be from Pennsylvania, a Class of 2024 senior, and committed to play in college. Class of 2023 graduates were also invited to participate, who committed and signed with their respective college or university between January and June of 2023.  

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