Winchester, Groton, Gloucester among six new high schools added to New England region rankings in week two: MAX Field Hockey

More games were played throughout September in New England, giving high school field hockey enthusiasts and fans a better glimpse of 2023 action.


Five new schools were added to MAX Field Hockey’s rankings in week two. The Rivers School, Newburyport, Gloucester, Bishop Guertin, Groton, and Winchester have improved their games or have had games since the week one ranking.


Cheverus remains unbeaten and in the No. 1 spot. Phillips Academy Andover, whose head coach is the former head coach at The Hill School in Pennsylvania (the No. 1 ranked program in 2022), jumped from No. 4 to No. 2.


Here is MAX Field Hockey’s week two ranking:


OC The Rivers School, Weston, Massachusetts, 3-1-1 (previously not ranked)

OC Rice Memorial, South Burlington, Vermont, 6-1-1 (previous OC)

OC Newburyport, Newburyport, Massachusetts, 8-1-0 (previously not ranked)

OC Mt. Ararat, Topsham, Maine, 6-2-1 (previous OC)

OC Gloucester, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 6-1-1 (previously not ranked)

OC Algonquin Regional, Northborough, Massachusetts, 7-1-1 (previous OC)

20. Bishop Guertin, Nashua, New Hampshire, 10-2-0 (previously not ranked)

19. Groton, Groton, Massachusetts, 4-0-1 (previously not ranked)

18. Gorham, Gorham, Maine, 8-1-0 (previously OC)

17. Winchester, Winchester, Massachusetts, 7-1-0 (previously not ranked)

16. South Burlington, South Burlington, Vermont, 7-0-0 (previous No. 18)

15. Skowhegan, Skowhegan, Maine, 8-1-0 (previously No. 8)

14. Reading Memorial, Reading, Massachusetts, 6-0-0 (previous No. 20)

13. Noble & Greenough, Dedham, Massachusetts, 3-0-0 (previous No. 14)

12. Franklin, Franklin, Massachusetts, 5-0-1 (previous No. 13)

11. Andover, Andover, Massachusetts, 5-1-0 (previous No. 5)

10. Dover, Dover, New Hampshire, 10-0-1 (previous No. 12)

9. Sandwich, East Sandwich, Massachusetts, 9-0-0 (previous No. 10)

8. The Governor’s Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts, 4-0-1 (previous No. 11)

7. Windham, Windham, New Hampshire, 10-0-1 (previous No. 9)

6. Walpole, Walpole, Massachusetts, 7-1-0 (previous No. 3)

5. Middlesex, Concord, Massachusetts, 5-0-0 (previous No. 7)

4. Uxbridge, Uxbridge, Massachusetts, 7-0-0 (previous No. 6)

3. Watertown, Watertown, Massachusetts, 8-0-0 (previous No. 2)

2. Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, Massachusetts, 5-0-0 (previous No. 4)

1. Cheverus, Portland, Maine, 7-0-0 (no change)

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