Ridgefield, Hotchkiss have greatest gains in week two of MAX Field Hockey’s Northeast rankings

Ridgefield High School in Connecticut was ranked No. 20 in the first week of MAX Field Hockey’s rankings.


At the beginning of October, the Tigers have held onto an undefeated record, according to the stats-based website. Three out of the four wins last month were shutouts.


Ridgefield beat Trumbull 4-0, Danbury 8-0, Greenwich 2-1, and Stamford 4-0. The Tigers are now ranked No. 11.


Right behind them is Hotchkiss, which is 4-0. The high school wasn’t ranked last month, but jumped up to the No. 12 spot in week two.


Here are the schools ranked in the Northeast region in week two:


OC Windsor Central, Windsor, New York, 10-1-0 (previous OC)

OC Pittsford, Pittsford, New York, 13-2-0 (previously not ranked)

OC Horace Greeley, Chappaqua, New York 5-1-1 (previous OC)

OC Harborfields, Greenlawn, New York, 8-1-0 (previous OC)

OC East Greenwich, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 5-2-0 (previous OC)

OC Cicero-North Syracuse, Cicero, New York, 10-1-0 (previous No. 18)

OC Barrington, Barrington, Rhode Island, 4-1-0 (previously not ranked)

20. Greenwich, Greenwich, Connecticut, 3-3-0 (previous No. 12)

19. Garden City, Garden City, New York, 4-1-0 (previous No. 4)

18. Manhasset, Manhasset, New York, 4-1-0 (previous OC)

17. Lakeland, Shrub Oak, New York, 8-3-1 (previous No. 19)

16. Sacred Heart Greenwich, Greenwich, 5-1-0 (previous No. 15)

15. Westminster School, Simsbury, Connecticut, 5-0-0 (previous OC)

14. Mamaroneck, Mamaroneck, New York, 6-0-1 (previous No. 16)

13. Vestal, Vestal, New York, 9-1-0 (no change)

12. Hotchkiss, Lakeville, Connecticut, 4-0-0 (previously not ranked)

11. Ridgefield, Ridgefield, Connecticut, 7-0-0 (previous No. 20)

10. Northport, Northport, New York, 9-0-0 (previous No. 14)

9. Whitney Point, Whitney Point, New York, 8-0-0 (no change)

8. Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode Island, 7-0-0 (previous No. 7)

7. Nichols, Buffalo, New York, 11-1-0 (previous No. 11)

6. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake, Burnt Hills, New York, 10-0-0 (previous No. 10)

5. South Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, New York, 12-0-0 (previous No. 6)

4. Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, Connecticut, 4-2-0 (previous No. 2)

3. Taft School, Watertown, Connecticut, 6-0-0 (previous No. 5)

2. Staples, Westport, Connecticut, 8-1-0 (previous No. 3)

1. Darien, Darien, Connecticut, 8-1-0 (no change)


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