St. John’s School, The Kinkaid School and Glenview take top spots in final West/Mid-West high school field hockey ranking: MAX Field Hockey

The top two high school field hockey teams ranked in the West/Mid-West are from Texas, according to MAX Field Hockey.


The stats-based website released its final ranking of teams in that region in late November.


St. John’s and Kinkaid schools finished at the top of the list. Additional schools on the list feature programs from California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas.


Here are the teams that were ranked in the final list, according to the MAX Field Hockey website:


OC Villa Duchesne School, Frontenac, Missouri, 15-5-2, previous rank No. 11, Missouri State Semifinalists

OC St. Joseph’s Academy, Saint Louis, Missouri, 15-5-0, previously not ranked, Missouri State Finalists

OC Episcopal, Houston, Texas, 19-5-0, previously not ranked, SPC 4A Third Place

OC Cor Jesu Academy, Saint Louis, Missouri, 15-5-0, previous rank Others Considered, State Semifinalists

OC Cherry Creek, Greenwood Village, Colorado, 15-3-0, previously rank No. 20, Colorado State Finalists

OC Ballard, Louisville, Kentucky, 13-9-1, previous rank Others Considered, KHSAA State Semifinalists

20. New Albany, New Albany, Ohio, 20-3-0, previous rank Others Considered, Ohio State Finalists

19. Bishop Watterson, Columbus, Ohio, 18-3-0, previous rank No. 17, Regional Finalists

18. Los Gatos, Los Gatos, California, 17-0-2, previous rank No. 19, Central Coast Section Champions

17. La Costa Canyon, Carlsbad, California, 25-2-0, previous rank No. 7, San Diego Section Open Division Finalists

16. Canyon Hills, San Diego, California, 20-4-1, previous rank No. 18, San Diego Section Open Division Semifinalists

15. Ann Arbor Skyline, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 15-5-1, previous rank No. 15, Division 1 State Finalists

14. Lake Forest, Lake Forest, Illinois, 20-5-3, previous rank No. 16, Illinois State Third Place

13. Colorado Academy, Denver, Colorado, 18-0-0, previous rank No. 13, Colorado State Champions

12. Torrey Pines, San Diego, California, 18-5-1, previous rank Others Considered, San Diego Section Open Division Champions

11. Ann Arbor Pioneer, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 9-4-3, previous rank No. 14, Division 1 State Champions

10. Dexter, Dexter, Michigan, 19-1-2, previous rank No. 12, Division 2 State Champions

9. Sacred Heart Academy, Louisville, Kentucky, 18-6-4, previous rank No. 10, KHSAA State Quarterfinalists

8. Assumption, Louisville, Kentucky, 16-11-2, previous rank No. 9, KHSAA State Finalists

7. Thomas Worthington, Worthington, Ohio, 20-2-0, previous rank No. 8, Ohio State Champions

6. Christian Academy of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, 20-6-1, previous rank No. 6, KHSAA State Champions

5. John Burroughs School, Saint Louis, Missouri, 20-0-2, previous rank No. 5, Missouri State Championship

4. New Trier, Winnetka, Illinois, 22-2-2, previous rank No. 4, Illinois State Finalists

3. Glenview, Illinois, 18-3-1, previous rank No. 2, Illinois State Champions

2. The Kinkaid School, Houston, Texas, 11-5-0, previous rank No. 3, SPC 4A Finalists

1. St. John’s School, Houston, Texas, 15-3-0, previous rank No. 1, SPC 4A Champions

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