Rutgers beats Ohio State in shootouts on the road, holds at No. 4 in Division I college field hockey in week seven of NFHCA poll

Rutgers maintains its pristine undefeated record and settles into No. 4 in week seven of the National Field Hockey Coaches Association poll sponsored by Penn Monto.


The Scarlet Knights had to muscle their way to a win against Ohio State, which went into shootouts.


Northwestern stays in the No 1 spot for a second consecutive week in a row. North Carolina moves up to No. 2. And, several teams moved a few spots up or down.


“The NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll is voted on by NFHCA member coaches and has no bearing on selection to the 2023 NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championship,” according to the NFHCA. “After two weeks of regular season competition, eligible teams must maintain a record of .500 or above to be eligible for ranking each week. The Ivy League Conference is an exception to this criteria the week of Sept 4 based on their different schedule. Beginning the week of Sept 11, all programs ranked in the top 20 must have a record of 0.500 or above.”



Here are the Division I teams coaches ranked in the top 20 in week seven:


20. Albany, 9-5, previous rank No. 19

19. UMass-Amherst, 9-6, previous rank No. 17

18. UMass-Lowell, 11-3, previous rank No. 20

17. Cornell, 10-3, previous rank No. 18

16. Penn State, 7-6, previous rank No. 15

15. Michigan, 7-7, previous rank No. 16

14. Saint Joseph’s, 11-4, no change

13. Syracuse, 9-5, no change

12. Boston College, 9-5, no change

11. Harvard, 10-3, no change

10. The Ohio State, 12-5, previous rank No. 9

9. Maryland, 12-3, previous No. 10

8. Louisville, 12-3, previous rank No. 5

7. Virginia, 9-5, previous rank No. 8

6. Liberty, 14-1, previous rank No. 7

5. Iowa, 12-2, previous rank No. 6

4. Rutgers, 14-0, no change

3. Duke, 13-2, previous rank No. 2

2. North Carolina, 11-2, previous rank No. 3

1. Northwestern, 13-1, previous rank No. 1


Photo: North Carolina at St. Joe’s, Bob Benscoter

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