PWHL’s standings: points, goals, assists and save percentages

The revamped Professional Women’s Hockey League is pleasing hockey addicts.


Most teams have played in three or four games thus far with the exception of Ottawa and Boston, which had their game rescheduled on January 8 due to weather conditions that kept Ottawa from being able to travel to Boston.


The game has since been rescheduled to February 19. After about two weeks of
play, Minnesota sits in first place with only an overtime loss giving the team 10 points.


Minnesota has defeated Boston, Toronto and New York. Much like the NHL, the PWHL uses the point system to determine standing position. However, the PWHL grants 3 points per win opposed to the NHL’s 2 points.


There is still a lot of hockey left to be played as the season runs through May. Every team has its fair share of Olympic and National Team stars. Any team could
catch fire and catch Minnesota.


While the season is still young, there are still a handful of players that have gotten off to a particularly fast start. Taylor Heise, who was the first-ever draft pick is noticeably present on the list for goals and points while Team USA Captain Hilary Knight is noticeably absent.


It will be interesting to see how the below list changes as the season goes deeper. Here are current stats, according to the PWHL. 


League Leaders Points:

2. Teresa Vanisova, MON, 5

2. Maureen Murphy, MON, 5

2. Jessie Eldridge, NY, 5

2. Marie-Philip Poulin, MON, 5

1. Ella Shelton, NY, 7

1. Alex Carpenter, NY, 7


2. Taylor Heise, MIN, 3

2. Jessie Eldridge, NY, 3

2. Alex Carpenter, NY, 3

1. Grace Zumwinkle, MIN, 4

1. Marie-Philip Poulin, MON, 4


3. Chloe Aurard, NY, 3

3. Susanna Tapani, MIN, 3

3. Jamie Lee Rattray, BOS, 3

3. Ashton Bell, OTT, 3

2. Alex Carpenter, NY, 4

1. Tereza Vanisova, MON, 5

1. Ella Shelton, NY, 5

1. Maureen Murphy, MON 5

Save Percentage:

5. Emerance Maschmeyer, OTT, 0.917

4. Elaine Chuli, MON, 0.938

3. Corinne Schroeder, NY, 0.942

2. Maddie Rooney, MIN, 0.943

1. Nicole Hensley, MIN, 0.955

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