Over 200 high school athletes invited to FAN’s first ‘PA Field Hockey Senior Cup’

Female Athlete News is proud to present our first East vs West high school girls PA Field Hockey Senior Cup.


It is our pleasure to announce that the following 200 plus athletes have been invited to make history by playing in our inaugural event March 23-24 at Lower Dauphin Middle School in Hummelstown.  


In December 2023, FAN partnered with the Pennsylvania High School Field Hockey Coaches Association. The association emailed our information about the tournament to its membership. We were able to reach most of our participating schools via this means.


We also attempted to email and call coaches and athletic directors, who are not members of the association. 


We have not been able to communicate with every public, private and independent coach in Pennsylvania that offers high school field hockey. Therefore, we are going to continue to take nominations until January 31 from schools that are not listed. 


If you are a coach or an athletic director interested in submitting a nomination or nominations for your respective school, please email us at femaleathletenews@gmail.com or fill out our Google Doc.


Athletes have already started to accept our invitation. Invited athletes can confirm their participation by emailing us at femaleathletenews@gmail.com. 


Schools that have more than three athletes listed, which is the allocation FAN provided to each school, are providing teams with goalies or extra goalies. We have denoted them with an *. 


This is our first list. If we overlooked marking a goalie, we will have it updated when we announce our team rosters on February 5. Invited athletes have until January 23 to respond to our invitation.  


Once athletes confirm their attendance to the event, our volunteer director of coaches, Lower Dauphin Head Coach Erin Catalfano, will work with coaches from across the state to place the athletes on either an East or West roster. 


Depending on the number of athletes who confirm, we look to be creating up to 10 rosters. For example, there will be five East teams and five West. 


The tournament is single elimination and will conclude with one winner from either the East or West, who will have bragging rights of claiming the first-ever PA Field Hockey Senior Cup, as well as claim additional tournament goodies. 


There is no cost for athletes to participate. We will provide additional logistical information after we have a finalized list of the competing athletes’ names.  


Any and all questions may be sent to femaleathletenews@gmail.com. If you believe you have emailed us information, but do not read it here, please feel free to call Jana Benscoter at 717-778-1456. 


Congratulations to the athletes who have been nominated and invited.


Here is the first list of athletes to be invited to the PA Field Hockey Senior Cup.  Schools and athletes are listed in alphabetical order. 


Academy of the New Church 

  1. Zarah Synnestvedt*

Abington Heights

  1. Madison Zalewski
  2. Kaylyn Elliott
  3. Peyton Pallman

Agnes Irwin School

  1. Alison Gerber
  2. Charlotte Roe
  3. Catherine Sharkey

Archbishop Carroll

  1. Sienna Golden
  2. Sam Hewitt
  3. Beth Wineburg


  1. Hannah Naylor
  2. Rebekah Tuckey
  3. Sami Waybright

Bishop McDevitt

  1. Astrid Comp
  2. Maddie Donmoyer
  3. Megan Watson

Boiling Springs

  1. Alex Bandura
  2. Tess Naylor
  3. Kylie Rife


  1. Mary Catherine Maloney
  2. Hannah Ulrich


  1. Cass Dillon
  2. Ava Nealy
  3. Reagan Rose 

Cedar Cliff

  1. Kelsey Shires*
  2. Emily Sullivan
  3. Lola Williams

Cedar Crest

  1. Reese Arnold
  2. Anna Moyer
  3. Danielle Schroll

Central Bucks East

  1. Paige Keller
  2. Audra Szymborski*
  3. Sienna Valenti

Central Bucks West

  1. Lily Cosner
  2. Nina Mayro

Central Dauphin

  1. Gabby Brightbill
  2. Holy DeAngelo
  3. Jackie Rosler *
  4. Sara Yeselavage

Central Dauphin East

  1. Grace Akande

Central York

  1. Anna Scott
  2. Emma Smyser


  1. Morgan Smith


  1. Lorelai Lehenky*


  1. Ellie Myers


  1. Addie DelOrefice
  2. Ava Lofgren
  3. Ava Wells

Conrad Weiser

  1. Kristina Quinn
  2. Bailey Weachter

Cumberland Valley

  1. Caylin Donlevy
  2. Erin Hoffman


  1. Emily DelVecchio
  2. Aubrey Macri
  3. Liv Oresick

Delaware Valley

  1. Nicole Musselwhite


  1. Sydney Bolesta           
  2. Lindsey Yencha
  3. Braylee Walsh


  1. Danielle Kapsak
  2. Grace McWilliams
  3. Campbell Sands

Daniel Boone

  1. Marlee Fetrow


  1. Marie Gehman

Downingtown East

  1. Bella Beck
  2. Kirstyn Kolinsky
  3. Nia Massey

Downingtown West

  1. Piper Cline
  2. Mia Freeman
  3. Olivia Morraye

East Pennsboro

  1. Asia Daskalakis
  2. Ella Letersky
  3. Brinley Shepler


  1. Alexis Causa
  2. Raegan Day
  3. Jocelyn Morgan


  1. Mikaela Condran


  1. Emma Cari
  2. Haley Kvacky
  3. Sarah Schaffer
  4. Melea Weber


  1. Joanna Ehrhart
  2. Alexis Kresge
  3. Hannah Popolis*

Episcopal Academy

  1. Isabel Andrews
  2. Kiley Gallagher
  3. Bella Notaro


  1. Ellie Kashner
  2. Brooklyn Kollar

Garnet Valley

  1. Kylie DiCamillo
  2. Aubrey Henderson 
  3. Baker Jeremiah*

Germantown Academy

  1. Madison Destefano*
  2. Hadley Harbert
  3. Oliva Krey
  4. Caitlin Lozano

Governor Mifflin

  1. Sofia Mollura

Greater Latrobe

  1. Belle Blossey

Greater Nanticoke Area

  1. Allison Brown
  2. Kelsey Clark
  3. Lilli Nice


  1. Naomi Lyter

Gwynedd Mercy Academy 

  1. Maddie Bogle
  2. Ava Huntley
  3. Jenny Keagy*


  1. Cara Cronin
  2. Anne Gardner
  3. Riley Welsch

The Hill School 

  1. Jaedyn Scarlatos
  2. Anna Cowan

Holy Redeemer

  1. Hannah Jones
  2. Marissa Miller
  3. Shayla Vo


  1. Claire Campen
  2. Rozlyn Maciejewski
  3. Rozalyn Mikulak


  1. Whitney Walker

Lackawanna Trail

  1. Lauren Fahey
  2. Carolena Ryon
  3. Teagan Vokes

Lampeter Strasburg 

  1. Marissa Rice

Lansdale Catholic 

  1. Anna Cusumano
  2. Sienna Greely
  3. Colette Kirlin
  4. Kate Fredrickson


  1. Whitney Berge
  2. Ryan Brouse
  3. Avery Mast


  1. Cai Bardsley
  2. Ruby Miller
  3. Danielle Walz


  1. Kamryn Bittle
  2. Kelsy McClintock

Lower Dauphin

  1. Alexa Lehman
  2. Katelyn Strawser
  3. Vic Kutz

Manheim Central

  1. Mikayla Appel
  2. Kiley Hosler
  3. Emmy Weaver

Manheim Twp.

  1. Zoe Caloviras*
  2. Brenna Campagna
  3. Nia Mountis


  1. Joy Lippert*
  2. Alana Shimp
  3. Callie Shover


  1. Renee Blake
  2. Lily DeWan
  3. Olivia Kline


  1. Rylin Becker
  2. Megan Dadio
  3. Marley Gardner

Mount Saint Joseph’s

  1. Caitlin Keough
  2. Caroline Killian
  3. Grace Kyle


  1. Morgan Herceg 
  2. Mena Kazista
  3. Mackenzie Mann*


  1. Adalynn Smith 
  2. Leah Stuck

North Allegheny 

  1. Isla Abrams
  2. Tanvi Challa
  3. Haley Shanahan


  1. Avery Botts
  2. Avery Patterson


  1. Kendall Iasiello
  2. Raegan Iasiello
  3. Ella Steirer

North Penn

  1. Grace McGeehan 
  2. Melissa Sessler


  1. Sophia Bushey
  2. Gianna Caperelli

Notre Dame Academy 

  1. Reese Czajkowski
  2. Alex Duff*
  3. Mia McCloskey* 
  4. Saylor Milone
  5. Maeve Seeger

Oley Valley

  1. Molly Rothenberger
  2. Morgan Snyder
  3. Taylor Vaccaro

Owen J Roberts

  1. Larissa Schell


  1. Keely Bowers
  2. Liv Gain
  3. Addie Sholly


  1. Sydney Frantz 
  2. Celeste Hoffman
  3. Skylar Kohler 


  1. Elaina Fragassi
  2. Aurora Gery
  3. Maya Zaur

Pen Argyl

  1. Isabella Groves
  2. Bethany Kuster
  3. Shawna Mamrak

Penn Manor

  1. Avery Bradburn
  2. Grace Gerner
  3. Tristan Groff

Perkiomen Valley

  1. Carly Elmer 
  2. Erin Wuerstle

Peters Twp.

  1. Ava Zimmer


  1. Jessica Albertson
  2. Sara Neuhart*
  3. Khushi Saini 

Pocono Mountain East

  1. Mildred Galluci
  2. Lily Kaufman
  3. Dakota Stiff


  1. Kaitlin Calvello
  2. Kiera Gallagher
  3. Megan Roth


  1. Grayson Buono
  2. Sadie Schultz
  3. Ella Toll

Red Land

  1. Chelsea Carpenter
  2. Ashley Doyle
  3. Emma Harris
  4. Josie Ickes*

Red Lion

  1. Hayley Johnson
  2. Jenna Hodgkinson
  3. Mackenzie Schrack*
  4. Julia Turosinski


  1. Carly Aument
  2. Allison Bucher
  3. Lexi Freed

Shipley School

  1. Riley Barusevicius 


  1. Ashley Paturzo

South Western

  1. Kayln Arnold


  1. Madison Friend
  2. Nina Scott

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

  1. Maddy Caliendo
  2. Kerry O’Donnell
  3. Riley O’Donnell

State College

  1. Keira Loviscky
  2. Olivia Miller
  3. Allie Peters


  1. Riley Tepper


  1. Addie Graupensperger 
  2. Aubrey Richards
  3. Ava Taube* 

The Agnes Irwin School

  1. Alison Gerber
  2. Charlotte Roe
  3. Catherine Sharkey

Villa Maria

  1. Colby Gannon
  2. Tess Gately 
  3. Callen Todd 


  1. Katie O’Brien
  2. Jaime Stella
  3. Jillian Tait


  1. Maddie Moline

West Perry

  1. Carla Campbell
  2. Julie Loy
  3. Molly Zimmerman

West York 

  1. Amelia Myers


  1. Audrey Miller
  2. Hannah Sauppee
  3. Mallory Sauppee

Wyoming Area

  1. Nina Angeli
  2. Samara Campenni 
  3. Alyvia Yatsko

Wyoming Valley West

  1. Olivia Yelen
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