Nebraska women’s volleyball breaks world record for attendance at any women’s sporting event

Dedicated women paved the way for this generation of female athletes to shine. And, the attendance records at sporting events are proving the ones who came before them right.


All athletes feed off their teammates, their coach, and especially, their fans. Seeing them pile into stadiums, fields, and courts to watch them perform, is not validating them as individuals, it’s community creation.


Current college and pro female athletes are sending a message down to the girls in youth leagues and high school: dream big, work hard, stay disciplined, and prove your worth.


Match Highlights: Volleyball Day in Nebraska vs. Omaha – University of Nebraska – Official Athletics Website (


Sports aren’t just about winning and losing. Athletes wake up early, train throughout the day, battle negative self talk, embrace competition, and provide entertainment. They think about their role, about their position, and about their work ethic.


Nebraska volleyball, five-time NCAA Division I champions, is now home of the largest attendance record in the world. The team’s volleyball ‘X’ page reads: “Husker Nation, you’ve done it. The WORLD RECORD for a Women’s Sporting Event lives in Lincoln. Today’s attendance: 92,003. There is NO PLACE like Nebraska.”


As crowds flock to games to witness the greatest of female athletes, the standard for excellence goes one notch higher for all athletes.


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