FAN’s third most read story in 2023: Penn State Harrisburg head coach AJ Misselhorn talks about her field hockey journey and building the university’s first DIII program

There was a lot to talk about in 2023.


The calendar is only days away from starting a new year. And, before we get there, Female Athlete News is taking its readers back to our top hits of the year.


We are thrilled to have a readership between 34,000-65,000. The No. 3 story read the most in 2023 was ‘Texas-native, Wake Forest grad, and former DI coach at Temple and Indiana, AJ Misselhorn is ready to coach Penn State Harrisburg’s first DIII field hockey team.’


Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, Amanda Janney Misselhorn wasn’t exposed to a lot of field hockey.


She was one of the few, lucky athletes in the 1990s to attend Trinity Valley School, which offered the sport. Misselhorn loved the game, worked hard, and caught the attention of Atlantic Coast Conference Wake Forest head coach Jen Averill.


As fate would have it, 30 years later, Misselhorn accepted the role of being the first head field hockey coach at Penn State Harrisburg, which is launching its Division III program in 2023. Misselhorn is currently tasked with recruiting athletes and preparing them for the team’s inaugural 2024 season.


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