FAN Class of 2024 ‘Linda Kreiser Female Athlete Scholarship’ nominee: meet Astrid Comp

Name: Astrid Comp


High School: Bishop McDevitt


College: Towson, Exercise Science


Position: Forward/Midfield


Extracurricular Activities: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Mini THON and yearbook; track, events are 4×8 relay, 800, and 1600; Central Penn Field Hockey Club; and umpire U9s-U13s.


Why Towson? “I chose Towson because of the immediate at home feeling I felt when stepping on the campus. Compared to other colleges I visited, being at Towson makes my heart complete. The team has a very close bond and very welcoming feel. They are athletes who will push you on the field and off of the field. The coaches are excellent, and have plans for our team to succeed. They have lots of experience and push you to work hard. I love that it is close to home, so my family is able to see me play. The size is not too big, and not too small. I am super glad I get to be competing at a high level, and being held accountable at the same time. I have always wanted to play a sport in college because I know it will keep me on a routine schedule, which is exactly what I like. They have the major I had in my mind, and have sat in on classes of my future major. The overall support system with the academic advisor, my coaches, and my teammates all matches what I have in mind for my next four years. Towson is my perfect match.”


Describe a field hockey memory you won’t forget. And, why? “A field hockey memory I will not forget is playing on Central Penn’s top U14 team, and winning Nationals in Pool B. With the same team, qualifying for U16 team nationals as a U14 team, and being able to beat the team who ultimately won our pool overall. This team my U14 year was filled with hardworking athletes and team players. I am lucky I get to see those amazing people when I play against them in high school, and ultimately most in college. I am grateful to have been a part of so many awesome teams at Central Penn, but the team of that year was unforgettable to me.”


Athletes in the running are tasked to gather as many of their supporters as possible to vote for them. The winner we receive a $5,000 scholarship. The first $2,500 payment will be given to the winner before departing for college. The second $2,500 payment, which requires a 3.0 GPA, will be given to the winner at the start of the second semester.


The vote will take place November 20 to 26. Voters receive one vote.


Vote – FAN (


The winner will be announced Monday, November 27.

*Voters must have either a $10 or $100 subscription. To participate, you must be from Pennsylvania, a Class of 2024 senior, and committed to play in college. Class of 2023 graduates were also invited to participate, who committed and signed with their respective college or university between January and June of 2023.  


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