Welcome to Female Athlete News

The off-season has been grueling. The preseason is finally over.


And the real gritty has begun…except, you’re a girl or a woman.


What’s the story behind the late-quarter claw back win? Or the energetic, synergistic push in the second half that redefined the outcome? Can’t find the story on mainstream media?


Welcome to Female Athlete News. (female-athlete-news.com)


Our motto, caring beyond the story, lends itself to self-explanatory reasoning. We were formed due to a need for quality female sports reporting.


With media focusing its attention only 10 percent or less of the time on how females are performing, FAN was created in August and had a soft website launch on Sept. 12.


Here’s what we are about:


Motto: Caring beyond the story.

Mission: FAN was launched in 2022 to publish news, features, game coverage, photos, and investigations. The site is meant to create a dialogue about female athletes.


FAN is starting its site covering field hockey, as well as guest columns about the outdoors, and health and wellness. As the site develops, additional sports could be added.


Its initial focus is Pennsylvania.


We are excited to share with you that founder Jana Benscoter has over 20 years of media experience and 30 years in field hockey, as well as knowledge about several female sports.


FAN welcomes all people, from all walks of life. We are excited for you to become part of our community. As it grows, the benefits of membership will include FAN making monthly donations to businesses, non-profits, and local fire departments and EMS, along with offering a seasonal scholarship to a deserving high school student-athlete.


FAN is expanding its offerings in October, when we will provide additional stats, schedules, and athlete information. At that time, we will become a membership-based community.


Until then, take a look around, reach out, and tell us about your female athlete by reaching us at femaleathletenews@gmail.com.

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