To our Veterans and their families, thank you for your sacrifice: FAN

Female Athlete News joins the millions of Americans who are honoring Veterans on Nov. 11.

All who served in the United States’ Armed Forces are celebrated every year this day. It was created based upon the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when peace was restored, and the first World War ended.

Since then, many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to fight for peace.

The team at FAN thanks Veterans for adorning the uniform and sacrificing more than we’ll ever know.

Thank you for your service.

“Both of my late grandpa’s served – one in the US Army and one in the US Navy – in WW II. My grandpa, who served in the Navy as a Seabee, was an engineer. He helped to rebuild the Panama Canal. His service allows commerce to flow between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Thank you both for your sacrifice.” Jana Benscoter, founder

“Thank you to my grandfather, Robert Green, for his service in WWII, to my uncle, Bob Green, for serving in Vietnam, and to my brother-in-law, Ken Driscoll, for serving in Iraq.” Mary Driscoll, health and wellness columnist

“Shoutout to my dad who was a Navy Seabee in the South Pacific during WWII. Also, my father-in-law who was able to circle the globe while in the Army during WWII, including a stint in his ancestral country of Italy. Thank you both deeply and sincerely for your service.” Bob Benscoter, photographer

“Happy Veterans Day to all who served and are serving to protect our country. My dad was a corporal in the US Army during WW II and my father-in-law was a Navy Seabee. Both are no longer with us, but they were proud to serve and protect us.” Ramona Benscoter, organizer

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