Oley Valley wins 2023 District 3 Class 1A high school field hockey championship 3-1

It was Izzy Buehler day at Landis Field.


But, the senior Lynx didn’t know it. And, neither did her teammates until late in the fourth quarter Saturday morning as the Lynx had to compete against a strong defensive minded Susquenita squad.


The final score was 3-1 favoring Oley making them the 2023 District 3 Class 1A high school field hockey champions.


Buehler was seen all around the field throughout 60 minutes asking for the ball. She would raise her stick above her or on the ground looking for either aerials or long ball. Defender Morgan Snyder then would speed off in gives and gos. Among her partners was Taylor Vaccaro.


The duo works extremely well with each other. They also credit the entire team for its successes, adding that that’s the reason they took home gold.


The first Buehler goal was scored in the second quarter. The next in the third, which was quickly answered by Susquenita.


The Blackhawks’ Aubrey Richards was able to break free around the 30 collecting a loose ball. She eliminated two defenders, and then engaged in a one versus one with the Lynx’s goalie. Richards went simple on the goal, dodging the goalie and tapping in the score.


Low to the ground defense held off Susquenita’s speed. And, despite the Blackhawks packing its sideline defense within their offensive 25, the six girls in front of free hits were able to slow Oley but not break them.


Buehler’s final goal was also scored in the third. Both teams have qualified and will participate in the 2023 PIAA Class 1A state tournament.


Oley Valley 0-1-2-0: 3

Goals: Buehler, 3

Assists: Morgan Snyder, 1; Kadyn Rhoads, 1; Ava Walters, 1

Shots: 12

Penalty Corners: 10

Saves: Megan Schaeffer, 3


Susquenita 0-0-1-0: 1

Goals: Richards, 1

Assists: 0

Shots: 5

Penalty Corners: 3

Saves: Ava Taube, 6; Leah Allewelt, 3

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