Northern drops its first loss to West Perry 5-0

Lauren Foster surprised herself Thursday when she left Northern York having scored three goals for West Perry helping to continue the Mustangs winning streak.


The final score was West Perry 5, Northern 0. And, that was after West Perry traveled an hour from Perry County to York County to compete.


Not only did West Perry have the disadvantage of going the distance to play, but they also had to wait. Game time was pushed back to 7 p.m. to try to get the game in, in spite of storms tearing through central Pennsylvania.


But, the storms delayed the start for nearly another hour.


Once the game got underway, it was a seesaw battle for power and control. West Perry, however, was able to find the cage, and the Bears were not.


The Mustangs appear to be the more established team at this early point in the season. Their passing game is witty, fast-paced, and creative. Their 3D tricks are becoming a normal part of their plays.


But, even when they keep the ball on the ground, it’s swift sweeps, small dumps, and very few long balls, unless it’s an aerial.


Northern’s young squad has more experience this year than last. Their night wasn’t one of their strongest games, even though they are off to a very strong start. The Bears had several scoring opportunities. They were just unable to capitalize on several of their own scorching shots that didn’t have a finishing touch.


The Bears had tippers on post, but they were only a few inches off from reaching the cage. Their collapse happened in their circle when West Perry challenged the goalie, ripped shots, and landed a penalty stroke.


West Perry 2-1-1-1: 5

Goals: Foster, 3; Jordan Byers, 1; Molly Zimmerman, 1

Assists: Julie Loy, 3; Autumn Albright, 1

Shots: 6

Corners: 3

Saves: 1

Northern 0-0-0-0:0 

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

Shots: 2

Corners: 5

Saves: 1


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