Meet FAN’s volunteers: Roma Orris, Maya Williams, Alicia Battistelli, Reagan Eickhoff

Female Athlete News is excited to announce the following student-athletes as our first volunteers.

FAN contacted the athletes to ask them if they’d be interested in volunteering. Each of them said yes and have helped FAN promote its work.

The student-athletes invited to volunteer expressed interest in contributing toward FAN’s growth during the Class of 2023 scholarship competition. Or, they were open about their future career desires during previous conversations with FAN.

Alicia Battistelli, Palmyra Class of 2023, rising freshman at the University of Vermont (pictured above)

Roma Orris, Hershey Class of 2023, rising freshman at Central Michigan

Maya Williams, Central Dauphin Class of 2023, rising freshman at Hofstra

Reagan Eickhoff, Boiling Springs Class of 2023, rising freshman at The Ohio State University

Additionally, anyone ages 16 and older with a valid driver’s license are welcome to provide contact information to freelance for FAN. We are looking for writers, photographers, and videographers.

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