Lower Dauphin’s Katelyn Strawser reaches 200th high school career point; here’s why it was sentimental

Lower Dauphin’s Katelyn Strawser sports No. 2 on her jersey.


At the start of the season, the senior Penn State commit set forth a goal to reach her 200th point in her high school career. During the Falcons’ last home game of the season, she did it.


“I mean coming into this season, I like to set goals, especially our team goals,” she said after defeating Twin Valley 5-0. “I couldn’t have done it without my team. One person obviously doesn’t make the whole team. I mean, they’re the ones passing me the ball.”


Strawser was unusually sentimental about reaching her achievement.


“I’m really grateful and all that,” Strawser said. “And, so a lot of those passes were from Avery [Pollock] in past seasons. It doesn’t feel the same without her. I’m just missing her on the field. But, yeah, it’s for both of us.”


Pollock has been rehabbing an ACL and meniscus tear. She’s been exercising regularly and is checking in with her surgeon soon. Pollock also had a goal to try to be ready to play in the postseason. As of today, FAN does not have an update on Pollock’s goal.


“I miss her a lot,” Strawser said. “On the field, we all do. It was really special.”


When classic duos come to mind, in high school field hockey, the past two-and-a-half seasons, it’s been Strawser and Pollock. They are friends both on and off the field. Pollock is leaving Lower Dauphin early gray shirting so she can start to train at Liberty with the Flames.


Twin Valley’s goalie Maddie Stevens is also going with Pollock in January.



“[Avery’s] definitely been helping us,” Strawser said. “Like scouting other teams, breaking down everything. She’s been amazing with that. Coming into the second round of playing against tough teams. It’s the last time for us seniors to play against those teams. She’s been really amazing for all of us.”


Strawser scored the second goal Friday, Oct. 13 against Twin Valley. Her teammates and fans cheered for her.


“I honestly, I had forgotten that I was so close,” Strawser said. “I remember thinking about it after the last game. I really didn’t hear the announcer saying it. I heard everyone cheering. It was really special.”


Photo: Twin Valley at Lower Dauphin, Jana Benscoter

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