FAN’s new website and why, a letter to readers, supporters

Dear Readers:

I launched Female Athlete News, LLC (“FAN”) to cover girls and women in sports and in turn empower them through spotlighting their accomplishments both in athletics and life. This has been my goal from the beginning.

On September 12, 2022, FAN officially went online. Following the launch of FAN, readership and support of our mission skyrocketed.

FAN’s first scholarship campaign was commenced in late January 2023, and FAN had great success. As FAN continues to grow our company hopes to provide more opportunities for women and girls statewide to assist them in achieving their academic and athletic goals.

In addition to our core mission, I feel a heightened sense of obligation to be transparent to our supporters and the athletes we serve. Therefore, I owe the readers and supporters of FAN an explanation of the events that have transpired as of late.

Over the course of the past eight weeks, FAN has had the unfortunate experience of being a victim of malicious and unethical business practices by entities tangentially involved with FAN. The resulting harm to FAN, LLC is being handled by the proper authorities.

As a result of the unfortunate circumstances that have befallen FAN, we have moved to a new website:

Additionally, FAN accounts have been placed in a protected status because of the breach and unlawful business practices committed against FAN. I would like to thank FAN’s partners who have assisted us in this trying time.

There are several refunds that have not yet been processed because of the ongoing investigation. FAN will refund 100% percent of the accounts created via the former website ( once the investigation is concluded.

We believe that the situation will be resolved in a timely manner.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Jana Benscoter, President

Female Athlete News, LLC

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