FAN Class of 2024 ‘Linda Kreiser Female Athlete Scholarship’ nominee: meet Addison Sholly

Name: Addison Sholly


High School: Palmyra


College: Lehigh University, Biology


Position: Defense/Midfield


Extracurricular Activities: National Honors Society, Key Club, STEM Club, lacrosse, swimming, horseback riding, club/indoor field hockey


Why Lehigh? “I chose Lehigh University because of the strong academic programs and the well rounded education I would receive while there. Lehigh offers student athletes a program, Flight 45, to build leadership skills on and off the field that would allow me to further succeed in life, beyond college and field hockey to my dream of becoming a perfusionist. Another main focus of the Lehigh program is metal health; student-athletes are encouraged to use an app to check in on how their day went and how they are feeling. If the team is having an overall bad day, the coaches are able to see that and can cater to the team to try and help. I also chose Lehigh because of the team atmosphere. Everyone on the team wants to see their teammates succeed, on and off the field. There is no separation between classes, everyone helps clean up the field after practice and views one another as a leader and integral part of the team.”


Describe a field hockey memory you won’t forget. And, why? “I can’t pinpoint just one favorite field hockey memory, but one season that will remain my favorite was last year, 2022, during our district and state run. When we won the districts, it was an amazing game where everyone was playing for one another. We got to take pictures on the firetrucks and went out to eat after. We weren’t satisfied with stopping there and made it to the state final game. Even though we lost, we still played strong as a team and afterwards, we all came together to eat and reflect on a fantastic season. The amount of support from my teammates, the intensity, and the love for the game on that team is something I will never forget.”


Athletes in the running are tasked to gather as many of their supporters as possible to vote for them. The winner we receive a $5,000 scholarship. The first $2,500 payment will be given to the winner before departing for college. The second $2,500 payment, which requires a 3.0 GPA, will be given to the winner at the start of the second semester.


The vote will take place November 20 to 26. Voters receive one vote.


Vote – FAN (


The winner will be announced Monday, November 27.

*Voters must have either a $10 or $100 subscription. To participate, you must be from Pennsylvania, a Class of 2024 senior, and committed to play in college. Class of 2023 graduates were also invited to participate, who committed and signed with their respective college or university between January and June of 2023.  

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