Exclusive interviews with retired Penn State and University of North Carolina field hockey coaches, FAN Class of 2024 scholarship, account holders: FAN update

Tired of clicking on a subscriber exclusive link only to discover that there are five sentences on the other side? Or, that the information being provided is something you can find on an online press release for yourself?

You deserve more for your money. And, when it comes to female athletes, Female Athlete News is striving to become one of your go-to sources for female sports.  

The only way the trend is going to change is when people have had enough of the entrenched male-dominated power grab that permeates in sports. FAN supports sports for all.

But, we are not woefully ignorant that females are generally a second thought when it comes to regular season and post season game coverage, features, or investigations. The “standard” is not equal.

FAN, LLC believes that female athletes are an important contribution to America’s sports culture. We believe that men and women working together is the greatest narrative in athleticism.

While we understand competitors want to win, sports develop character, break down barriers, heal individuals, evoke conversations that exist in other areas of life that aren’t as visible, and challenge people to go beyond limitations established by public opinion, and at times, science.   

Female Athlete News is set to publish a mixture of free and subscriber-based stories. During our subscriber-based test run last week, where we offered 24-hour access to selected stories for $2, we were able to make a conclusive decision about our path forward.

We’ve decided to offer monthly subscriptions for $10, which automatically renew every month. There is no contract and readers can cancel at any time.

Thousands of FAN readers click on multiple stories multiple times per month. We believe instead of charging $2 for 24-hour access, it’s only fair to offer our regular readers an opportunity to reread stories several times within a month and to have access to all our work at a low cost of $10, which is 33 cents per day.

In the next few months, we will publish exclusive interviews with Penn State’s Charlene Morett-Curtiss and the University of North Carolina’s Karen Shelton, as well as interviews with elite high school field hockey athletes, like Lower Dauphin’s Avery Pollock, who was recently injured and is focused on her recovery.

FAN has begun mentoring aspiring reporters. One high school senior is currently working on an enterprise story before departing for college. Another high school junior attended a girls lacrosse game and published her first game coverage story.

We believe their work is important, too. And, by charging $10 per month for a subscription, FAN can broaden its coverage and begin to expand its editorial staff.

When subscribers sign up for an account, they will be prompted by our operating system (WordPress) to create an account. All account information will be protected by WordPress. Neither WordPress, nor Female Athlete News will sell or share your information.

FAN subscribers will also be able to vote on the Class of 2024 scholarship recipient.  Details will be provided in the coming months. Non-subscribers will not be permitted to vote during the campaign.

The reproduction of stories that are published and owned by FAN, LLC, without FAN’s written consent, is illegal.

Please feel free to reach us at femaleathletenews@gmail.com and we’ll gladly answer any questions.

Thank you for reading FAN.

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