Dutch, German, and Chinese female athletes earn fan votes for skills that dazzled in the 2022-23 Pro League, here are winners: FIH (video)

The 2022-23 Pro League came to end in July.

Six international players were recognized by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for showing off their skills during the 2022-23 Pro League season.

FIH, and its global supplier Polytan, asked hockey fans worldwide to tell them which player exhibited a skill that earned the distinction as “favorite” in the international tournament.

At the top is Great Britain’s Zach Wallace, who came in first and won the FIH Hockey Pro League 2022-23 Poligras Magic Skill award, according to the FIH. His heart-pounding first-touch tomahawk volley set his fans ablaze.

“It’s a really nice award to win and I’m very grateful that fans around the world voted for it,”  Zach Wallace told the FIH. “I don’t know where the inspiration came from for this goal. I try out a lot of things in training and always try things like that. So, when the moment came in the game, I thought ‘why not? Let’s have a go!”

The FIH released the following shortlist of winners. Coming in second is Pien Sanders (Netherlands) for her “Instinctual reflex scoop shot.”

Third went to Martin Ferreiro (Argentina) for his “Innovative 3d skills in shoot-out.”

Fourth place went to Dilpreet Singh (India) for his “Stunning no-look overhead volley.”

And finally, with the sixth most fan votes, is Zhong Jiaqi (China) for her “Reverse flick from an impossible angle.”

Photo: FIH

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