Cumberland Valley remains undefeated after edging Central Dauphin 2-1 in Mid-Penn Conference battle

Cumberland Valley’s final corner of the game against Central Dauphin didn’t start off strong, but its finish is what mattered most.

After the insert went awry, senior Jenna Herbster checked all the boxes: ball was received outside the circle; defensive flyer was eliminated; move the ball to move the goalie; and take a shot.

“It wasn’t a wide space,” the University of Massachusetts commit said. “I kind of pushed it and hoped that it went in.”

The final score in the battle between West Shore versus East Shore at Landis Field Tuesday evening was 2-1. The Eagles remain undefeated (6-0) on the season. The Rams move to 4-2.

The Mid-Penn Conference teams are in the Commonwealth Division. And, up until the final goal, they played strong hockey. Herbster broke the 1-1 tie in the fourth. There was under 3 minutes remaining in the game.

Mackenzie Smith, a senior, scored first in the game. Her second-quarter goal hit the lower right backboard after a play that began around the 25.

Taylor Whitehead passed the ball into the left side of the circle. It was then passed across the cage, where Smith was able to sweep it for the Eagles point.

“I think our team has worked really hard the past few weeks to reach this moment,” Smith said. “It was a really, big game. It was close. I think our team came together and pushed for it.”  

Nearing the end of the third, Central Dauphin had its turn to score. Senior Maya Williams ripped a reverse shot on goal, the Rams rebounded it, the ball was slammed on cage where it was tipped in by sophomore Anna Wolfgang.

“CD had a very good game,” Herbster said. “It was very close, very tight. We had to work hard for it. I think our possession was good. Whenever we passed, it looked great. We were moving the ball quickly around them and getting back to play defense on them.”

Both the Eagles and the Rams were stepping to the ball creating highly competitive 1 v 1s. And players were using controlled 3-D skills to utilize the left side of the field.

Cumberland Valley sophomore Hayven Mumma, who assisted both goals, used her speed, shifting gears down the right-side press. She set her pace on high ensuring she was one step ahead of her opponents on breakaways.

“I think communication was really a big part of today,” Smith said. “We were always talking and giving each other positive feedback.”

Central Dauphin was audible also. And they worked cohesively as one team.

“We did a lot of good things,” Rams coach Jennifer Burns said. “We did well playing as a team. I think that came through for us – the team effort and not the individual effort. We had missed opportunities and a lot of time to score. We’re just gonna get better at that. I’m very proud of these kids because they came out here for each other to play.”  

There were times when Eagles coach Ashley Hooper needed her players to be “extra.” She found that in both her field players and goalie at different times throughout the game.

“We find the shot, but we’re struggling to get that last touch,” Hooper said. “It’s coming together so far for us in every game. And we’ve been able to put it in the back of the net when we need to. As long as we keep doing that, I’m alright with it.”

Eagles: 2

  • Goals – Smith (1), Herbster (1)
  • Assists – Mumma (2)
  • Shots – 7
  • Corners – 5
  • Saves – 3

Rams: 1

  • Goals – Wolfgang (1)
  • Assists – 0
  • Shots – 1
  • Corners – 5
  • Saves – 6
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