Boiling Springs undefeated field hockey season ‘has been nothing short of a dream,’ Reagan Eickhoff

Unless someone, somewhere, has information stashed away about the history of the Boiling Springs field hockey program, 2022 is the first time the team has gone undefeated.

That’s according to head coach Kortney Showers and alumni who played field hockey for the Bubblers.

“I remember saying this at the beginning of the season, specifically to the coaches,” Showers said. “There’s no reason for us to not go undefeated this season.”

Boiling Springs is 18-0 and only allowed three goals to be scored on them. As part of the Mid-Penn Conference Capital Division in District 3, the Bubblers were crowned division champs.

“Going undefeated in my final year as a Bubbler has been nothing short of a dream,” said senior captain Reagan Eickhoff. “The seniors of Bubbler hockey have created a positive environment that allows for everyone to feel that sisterhood.”

Showers, in her sixth year as head coach, said the Class of 2023 has over-emphasized that everyone belongs, and respect goes a long way. The commitment to that value really impacts the whole group.

“We definitely have some little hills to climb,” Showers said. “There are some really tough teams that are coming for us, but I know we have it in us.”

The team is ready to fight for every goal, every win, Eickhoff said. The endgame now is to stay undefeated.

“I am most excited to put up a fight against any team that has gotten ahead of us in the past,” she said. “We have really focused on our mistakes this year and have worked extremely hard to fix them in practices.”

Boiling Springs has worked with intention to reach each of its goals. The team has built up each line – from forwards to backs – to make sure there are fewer breakdowns when they are under pressure.

The Bubblers have their sights set on District champs and then competing for the state title, Eickhoff said.

“Each player works extremely hard in order to make these goals we set a reality,” she said. “We created goals, and this is one of the points we are able to check off. This shows that we are not done yet, and we won’t be until we have that district title. Our hard work has paid off so far this season, and we aren’t done being undefeated yet.”

The postseason is always a different story than the regular season. Most of the teams haven’t played against the opponent they are matched up with, so the history isn’t there. Figuring out another team’s style can take up precious time when a game gets highly competitive.

“The postseason is a whole other beast,” Showers said. “And they’re ready for it. They’re actually going to be taking home field advantage until the championships, which is new. They’ve created such a great fan base for themselves. So, I’m excited to see that.”

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