Boiling Springs’ field hockey lines backed each other up for the 5-0 win over Camp Hill

The Boiling Springs field hockey team improved its passing game Monday from quarter to quarter until it was automatic in the night’s matchup with Camp Hill.


Passing leads to togetherness, leads to shots, leads to 28 shots on goal.


That’s not to say that Camp Hill doesn’t have a “secret weapon.” The Lions have speed in Liv Hess, who’s landed 22 goals and three assists on the season as a freshman. But, the next closest scorer is Alina Baetz, who has seven goals and five assists.


Matching up one player – who figuratively has wheels for feet and rock-solid ball control – against an experienced Bubbler backfield creates wide-open cages without finishers on post or crosses without a partner. And, that’s what happened several times throughout the contest.


The final score was 5-0 Boiling Springs. Both teams play in the Mid-Penn Conference’s Capital Division in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association District 3. Boiling Springs is 11-1 overall and Camp Hill is 7-5 on the season.


The Bubblers’ showmanship began in the second quarter after a scoreless first. Katie Pabis airlifted the first goal using an aerial. The second was a slamming pass from Tess Naylor on goal to Haley Lenker, who punched one in. Naylor scored the next in the third on a corner, ripping it from the top of the circle.


The fourth goal belonged to Lexi Boyle, who inserted the ball on a corner to the top. The ball was dumped back down to her, where she pushed the ball into the lower right pocket from a tighter angle.


Reese Hays was the final score after the ball had been handled by several Bubbler sticks in the circle.


Boiling Springs: 0-2-1-2: 5

Goals: Katie Pabis, Haley Lenker, Tess Naylor, Lexi Boyle, Reese Hays

Assists: Haley Lenker, 2; Tess Naylor, 1; Lexi Boyle, 2

Shots: 28

Saves: Kate Yanity, 1


Camp Hill 0-0-0-0: 0

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

Shots: 1

Saves: Piper Reibsane, 22

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