Bishop McDevitt scores once to take win from Camp Hill

One of Maddi Donmoyer’s favorite corners set Bishop McDevitt up to score the team’s game-winning goal against Camp Hill.

“Nat’s always there with her stick down, ready to tip (the ball) in,” the junior said. “It’s something that works really well for us.”

The Crusaders won 1-0 at home Thursday. Bishop McDevitt moves to 9-1 overall and Camp Hill 5-5. The teams are in the Mid-Penn Conference Capital Division in District 3.

“We actually just started that corner at practice this past week,” she said. “I’m glad we scored on it.”

Donmoyer received the ball at the top of the circle and then moved it on her stick about two feet to her weak side. She then launched a pass off her foot to the goalie’s right post.

Teammate Nat Barkman was positioned on post, where she redirected the ball into the cage’s lower left on a tip.

“I was a little nervous, but I mean, I have some very good teammates who support me,” Barkman said about scoring.

Bishop McDevitt and Camp Hill were tested within 24 hours. McDevitt lost to Boiling Springs, which is having a record year, Wednesday in a night game. Both teams had been undefeated. It was the Crusaders first loss of the season.

For the Lions, the team went into overtime versus Big Spring Wednesday, Sept. 28. Camp Hill pulled out the 2-1 win with five field players. One Lion had been carded in 7-aside sudden victory.

“I don’t think we played our best game,” Donmoyer said of the Camp Hill game. “But I’m glad that we won, and we pushed through. We got one on the board. I think we worked as a team. And that’s one of our goals this year. It was a close game. They played us well.”

The Crusaders earned a series of consecutive corners in a span of 30 seconds each from the 2:50 mark until Barkman scored at 1:40. Barkman’s second quarter clutch goal came on the third corner.  

“We had to work hard on the left to try to eliminate their defender,” she said. “There was a lot of one-on-one action. It was a tough game.”

The Lions didn’t rest until the game was over. They were awarded a corner within three minutes of the start of the third but couldn’t capitalize on the scoring opportunity. On defensive corners, Camp Hill’s backline gelled.

Taylor Preston disrupted the Crusaders’ offensive corners as Camp Hill’s defensive flyer. Everly Foster floated throughout the 25 to the endline to prevent Bishop McDevitt’s shots. And Haley Boyarski worked to create space and forward motion.

“She does so much, even though it’s not always with the ball,” Camp Hill Head Coach Julie Colestock said of Boyarski. “They’re trying to figure her out and that’s the stuff we’re trying to grow into. If she does this, then we’ve got to do that.”

The Crusaders have a good team, Colestock said. Hers is in the making, as they are fine-tuning details and boosting confidence, she said.

“They’re young,” she said. “I mean, I have freshman out there. I think we have made a lot of good corrections. And they are growing the way they are supposed to. So, I’m not displeased. In a way, I could say this until I’m blue in the face, they’ve got to figure out how to make that turn. I think that sometimes they are, and at times, they get frustrated with each other. I do think our defense hustled big. We have some great defenders. We’re just missing one or two people who can spark that interchange in positioning. (Steve Heckman) has a good team. I don’t think we played with the same fire we had to use to finish last night’s game against Big Spring.

“This was a winnable game. His kids play great hockey and they’re steady. We’re missing shooting opportunities. We’re looking for the perfect pass and a perfect shot.”  

Not only was it Barkman’s goal that helped the Crusaders earn the win, but it was also largely eight field players who managed game play between the 25s.

“Those give and gos in the middle, and then out to the wide right is very important to us, because it’s really how we score most of our goals, other than on corners,” senior Kiley Stoltzfus said. “I think it’s really just a key factor to keep the ball out wide.”

The Liberty University commit, and silent playmaker, helped the Crusaders maintain possession for about 60 percent of the game. Her finicky stick prevented Camp Hill from setting up runs toward goal.

“We still have a lot to work on,” she said. “We’re coming from a 9-9 season last year to a 9-1 season. I think we’re growing a lot as a team.”

Crusaders: 1

  • Goals – Barkman (1)
  • Assists – Donmoyer (1)
  • Shots – 9
  • Penalty corners – 8
  • Saves – Kalea Ferguson (2)

Lions: 0

  • Goals – 0
  • Assists – 0
  • Shots – 2
  • Penalty Corners – 5
  • Saves – Alyssa Taylor-Ford (7)
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