FAN Class of 2024 ‘Linda Kreiser Female Athlete Scholarship’ nominee: meet Lola Williams

Name: Lola Williams


High School: Cedar Cliff


College: Mercyhurst University, forensics, possible minor in nurse practitioner


Position: Mid, forward


Extracurricular Activities: Class Secretary; Mini-thon (Entertainment Captain); Forever Friends: Club field hockey; National Honor Society


Why Mercyhurst? “I want to pursue a career as a Medical Examiner. After talking to several colleges and seeing their programs, I knew Mercyhurst could offer the opportunity to play competitive field hockey hockey, while also enrolled in their Forensics program, which is one of the top in the state.”


Describe a field hockey memory you won’t forget. And, why? “Playing on Central Penn’s indoor team, for age U16. Our team ended up winning our pool at the National Indoor Tournament. My friend and high school goalie was on my team that year, and our friendship grew. And, the trust we have on the field to this day has contributed to our team success at the high school level.”


Athletes in the running are tasked to gather as many of their supporters as possible to vote for them. The winner we receive a $5,000 scholarship. The first $2,500 payment will be given to the winner before departing for college. The second $2,500 payment, which requires a 3.0 GPA, will be given to the winner at the start of the second semester.


The vote will take place November 20 to 26. Voters receive one vote.


Vote – FAN (


The winner will be announced Monday, November 27.

*Voters must have either a $10 or $100 subscription. To participate, you must be from Pennsylvania, a Class of 2024 senior, and committed to play in college. Class of 2023 graduates were also invited to participate, who committed and signed with their respective college or university between January and June of 2023.  


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